Home Sweet Home?

Let’s be honest here, it’s not easy coming home from an excellent vacation. Especially when your home isn’t really… Home. And even more so when you bring home a virus. Seth and I have been struggling with a pretty nasty virus for over a week now. Was it Thailand, the plane, or Indonesia? Who knows when you’re traveling in Asia.

While we’ve laid low, we’ve been able to enjoy the new kittens a bit. We’ve given them tentative names: bear is the big black one with a long tail, pig is the female black kitten with a curly tail, and tiger is the tiny tabby. We have no idea what we’re going to do with the kittens, but for now, they’re pretty damn cute. And Banksy will be spayed… ASAP.





The New House

For those of you who voted for the International House Hunters Bogor Special poll, you may be interested in knowing that we chose the mid-range house with a small rent increase, nice floor plan and Chinese influence.

We are all very excited about this new little home of ours. My one minute shower has ballooned to a whole five minutes (with the bigger water heater), Ellie has her own room (now that it has A/C) and we’ve got a real couch! Well, a really old Chinese couch, but it beats wicker chairs.

Seth and the pembantus moved in yesterday and we have fully unpacked now. Oh, it feels so good to finally be able to nest. I think we all feel that way.

And now pictures!

20120727-174335.jpg 20120727-174407.jpg 20120727-174431.jpg

20120727-174453.jpg 20120727-174506.jpg 20120727-174518.jpg

20120727-174532.jpg 20120727-174547.jpg 20120727-174753.jpg