Anak Krakatau


We joined a tour and traveled via ferry to Sumatra late Friday night. The travel was long and exhausting and consisted of several boats and cars to finally get to our homestay on a remote island near the volcano Anak Krakatau.


We were on this boat more than on land throughout the weekend. We sat on top or napped inside between island travel.


Eliana snorkeled and got to see some amazing blue acrapora coral and star fish, sea cucumbers and a ton of beautiful tropical fish.


Bananas anyone?


Our homestay.


Nap, snorkel, nap, snorkel….


The base of Anak Krakatau. The vegetation was so strange and included pine trees!



20130429-092116.jpg About half way up…. it was like walking on coffee grounds.


The top! Or at least the highest point we were allowed to reach. You could see red rock from the eruption only two days earlier…


We made it! I think Ellie may have been the youngest kid to have hiked the volcano. She had a pretty big cheering squad towards the end.


Tomorrow we will meet up with friends and join a group of 20 or so travelers in Merak to sail to Krakatau. This has been on our list of places to visit in Indonesia and we are stoked. This is going to be an epic weekend!

Check out this drawing of what to expect from a trip to Krakatau via


Trekking Indonesia

Only about 30 minutes from Bogor, lies the base of Mount Salak and a ton of beautiful waterfalls. We trekked for another 30 minutes to find this little pool and fall. The water was cold and refreshing, and the physical reaction to it was fun to experience. As soon as you’re submerged, or under the fall, your breath quickens uncontrollably. The second you step out, your breath is back to normal.

It was really nice to get out of Bogor for the day. The goal is to trek and be surrounded by nature, but in Indonesia, that means you’re also surrounded by a ton of other adventure-seekersĀ and warungs along the path. After a while you get used to it, and maybe even succumb to the tempting fruit tea along the way.

These treks are every where and what you get to experience is so much more than a hike through Forest Park. There are trumpet flowers as big as your head, monkeys running up and down the hillside, and give it 3..2…1… you have an instant friend wanting to take your picture and contact you on Facebook.

We’re celebrities. And you can call me J-Roo. We’ve finally accepted this practice [of getting our picture taken by random people] and have begun to play with it. Some guy from Jakarta has a picture of me with a giant carrot hanging out of my mouth and my arms flexing like Popeye.

Only in Indonesia.