Heart of Asia

With only a week and a half left in Asia, I’m feeling a bit reflective. My emotions are a mix of..

Boredom. It’s finals week and I’m not teaching, rather just staring at students sitting exams, which is mind numbing.
Sensitivity. Students are showering me with gifts, conversations in the staff room are awkward. I have no idea how to respond to week-early goodbyes.
Excitement. It’s snowing in Portland and Seth sends me a picture of my boots and I can hardly contain my excitement to be home enjoying the season with family. My whole family. Together.
Worry. Repatriation won’t be easy. And like I mentioned earlier, we’ll be jumping feet first into the holiday season. This is coming from 2 years of living in an Islamic third world country and we are going to be shocked. I know it.

This video made me smile. I like to reflect on how much we’ve seen and experienced here. But I also want to recognize how much more there is. In Indonesia. In Asia. In the world.

But I’ll leave that for later.

I’m ready to go home.