Taman Safari

I had pretty low expectations for Taman Safari, a conservation/amusement park about an hour away from Bogor. I knew there was a zoo where you could drive your car through. Students told funny stories of zebras sticking their heads inside the car and they all screamed, etc. No one really raved of the place, but I had always wanted to at least check it out before we go.

What I didn’t know was how big the park was, how well organized it was, how the animal areas were so beautiful and well constructed (better than any zoo I’ve ever seen) and how the rest of the park had so many different forms of entertainment!

We arrived around 9:30 am and stayed until almost 6:00 at night. The day was packed with so much, from the actual zebra head in the car moments, to an acrobatic show, cowboy show (with Hollywood size set, people and animal choreography and effects), two haunted houses, a dolphin show, Globe of Death (with 4 motorcycles circling each other inside), kid rides, and NO LINES!

We walked from one thing to the next buying snacks and feeding orangutans, and seemed to always magically arrive only a few minutes before the next show started. It was great! And to be honest felt like it really blew Disneyland out of the water with cost and efficiency of time spent. Only tip is to go early as to avoid traffic to Puncak. If you ever find yourself on Java, I highly recommend checking out Taman Safari, a beautiful park in the middle of a jungle.
















Maritime Museum and Waterpark

Today was our free day in Singapore. The typical big ticket entertainment item is usually Universal Studies, but we went next door and visited the Maritime Museum and Waterpark.

I made the best of it: rode all the slides, did the lazy river twice (with sting rays! So cool!), ate at Chilis for lunch, and took a nap on a bean bag on the desert island in the afternoon. The students and I met up for dinner at 5:00, did a little more shopping, and we’re now calling it a day.

Hard work, I know. Tomorrow we visit one more university and will most likely find a way to squeeze in more shopping before our afternoon flight. Looking forward to going home to my family. Indonesia? Not at all.