I love that Eliana’s birthday is only four days after mine because I get to combine them into one party and step out of the limelight. Although today is technically my birthday (30! Wee!) we had a party for Elle and invited her closest (and my closest) friends over for dinner and cake.

It was lovely. And although she’s four for four more days… She already looks older. Acts older. Plays older. And I love it.

I hear moms sometimes say things like they want their kid to stop growing. They joke, can’t you just stay like this forever? And I don’t get it. Yeah, the kid is cute, but how amazing is it to see them grow?

Eliana read her birthday cards out loud. By herself. And she’s going to be five in four days.

I love this growing up stuff!





Idul Fitri

Today was a 11-hour day at school, and as much as my head is pounding, probably from heat exhaustion, it was worth it.

We celebrated an open break the fast with students and the community. I watched kids play an amazing race/tag game, then had to calm the principal when they all ended up jumping in the school pool. There were bands from each grade who played music, a giant spread of food….

It was great to get to join in the celebration. Ellie had a blast. And I… Need to go to bed.