Goodbye Singapore

Our last university visit was at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). I was really impressed with their school partnerships, study abroad programs, and internships available. They’re also affiliated with our GAC curriculum.

In all, I am really pleased with our school selection for the students to view during this trip. It felt like a crapshoot at first, but it was really well rounded and diverse.

After the school tour we had Mongolian BBQ, and then head to the airport. Now we wait… And although we should land in Jakarta around 6:00, with traffic, we’ll most likely not make it home until 10:00. It’s gonna be a long day…

Some final thoughts before I head home. I realized this afternoon that I haven’t seen a single ant in the 4 days I’ve been here. (It’s SO clean here!) I have however been completed insulted by and frustrated/appalled with most Singaporeans I’ve encountered. There have been a select few (namely at La Salle and SIM) that were super friendly, but that’s about it. Maybe I’m used to the constantly smiling/passive Indonesian culture? Or maybe Singapore is incredibly clean and efficient due to the strictness and rules it feels it must enforce? Is this some where I could live? It’s appealing in some ways, many ways, but it definitely has its drawbacks.



Maritime Museum and Waterpark

Today was our free day in Singapore. The typical big ticket entertainment item is usually Universal Studies, but we went next door and visited the Maritime Museum and Waterpark.

I made the best of it: rode all the slides, did the lazy river twice (with sting rays! So cool!), ate at Chilis for lunch, and took a nap on a bean bag on the desert island in the afternoon. The students and I met up for dinner at 5:00, did a little more shopping, and we’re now calling it a day.

Hard work, I know. Tomorrow we visit one more university and will most likely find a way to squeeze in more shopping before our afternoon flight. Looking forward to going home to my family. Indonesia? Not at all.





I Heart Singapore

Oh. Singapore. You are the Germany/Las Vegas/Disneyland of SE Asia. At every turn I am impressed.

We started the day visiting a technological university that was a little too sterile for my students’ taste. After a Chinese lunch, we visited La Salle, an art university. The campus is outstanding and the buildings a work of art. It was fun to see how much the school inspired my students. They could see themselves there and got really excited about the programs offered. Hopefully this visit will motivate them to work harder in class and to start building their portfolios.

After the school tour we went to Orchards Road to do some shopping. That place is like Las Vegas on steroids! The streets look normal and upscale with stores like Gucci, Coach, and Prada, but there are thousands of stores under the street, and you travel through underpasses to cross. I got lost a few times, but each time I stumbled across an even cooler store (like UNIQLO) and splurged a bit.

Then after dinner (Chinese again) I rocked the bazaar Bugis. A little shopping and a pedi…

Tomorrow we’re going to a waterpark. I mean… Really. This is a pretty sweet job I’ve got. Enjoy the pictures!






Day #1 of the 10th grade class trip included a 5am meet up at the bus station and sitting in Jakarta traffic til 9. We waited an additional hour and a half at the airport and made it to Singapore by 2pm.

I thought herding 20 teenagers around Singapore would be challenging but it’s actually quite easy. All they want to do is take pictures, so I let them, and they’re happy. When they’re happy (and listening to me) then all is well. I actually got some alone time today to explore the Gardens by the Bay, which is beautiful and highly recommended! Check out the pictures below…

Tomorrow we plan to visit a few universities and shop on Orchards Road. Looking forward to it!