Thank god for iPhones

I got a text and urgent email from my mother and sister-in-law about the bridesmaid dress I am suppose to wear to her wedding in August. Uh oh. My first thought was can this really be done with me in Indonesia?

The answer is yes… thanks to the iPhone. I pulled up the David’s Bridal website, searched under the color requirement of “plum” for the dress and found the style I liked. I snapped a picture of it and texted it to Lila in under 10 minutes.

Next was Eliana’s flower girl dress, which Ellie picked out in minutes. (Although she declared her love for practically every long frilly dress she saw, she especially loved the long satin one where the girls were wearing flower crowns.) Sent. Done. Ordered.

Can’t wait to try these on in August! This wedding will be beautiful!