Late night conversation with Eliana

E: I have a new religion teacher.
Me: Oh? Is she nice?
E: Yeah. It’s just me and her.
Me: There are no other kids in your Hindu class?
E: No.
Me: Well, what did you guys talk about?
E: God. He’s a giant.
Me: A giant?
E: Yeah, with claws. And if you’re mean he’ll scratch you. So you have to be nice.
Me: What?! Uh. So…
E: I’m afraid of giants.
Me: Are giants real?
E: No.
Me: Is God real?
E: No.
Me: Some people think he is. Some people think God made the sky and earth. But some people think nature made the sky and earth. What do you think?
E: I think earth made earth. What about dinosaurs?
Me: They were alive a long time ago, like before Grandma and Grandpa and even Saba and Savta! Now we can only find their bones.
E: What happened to the dinosaurs?
Me: Nature. There was a lot of ice and volcanos and fire and lava and they died. People dig up dinosaurs and are trying to learn what happened.
E: I like dinosaurs.
Me: Me too.