An interview with Expat Arrivals

I recently was interviewed by an expatriate resource, Expat Arrivals, on life in Indonesia. It’s interesting to read this as I’m on holiday in Portland for the Lebaran Break. These past few days have been filled with family and friends, and a lot of reflection.

Check out the interview here.

I’ll be posting pictures from our trip home soon. In the meantime, here are some from our layover in Narita, Japan. Narita was a surprisingly beautiful little city to explore. I am actually looking forward to our 19 hour layover on the way back!








Some new and familiar experiences

Amed was pretty spectacular. My last post however missed a few important points from the weekend.

One in particular was the 5.4 earthquake in the Gilis and the shakes we felt on the beach on Saturday. It was pretty crazy to hear all the villagers shout “pinuh!!” (Meaning: alive) while the earth rolled back and forth. We all looked out to sea for a moment, and then I realized Seth was out there…

At 2:00 Seth was diving and heard some loud rumbling, as if a large boat was passing overhead. He had a visual of the surface and saw nothing, just listened to it groan for a good 15 seconds.

Fast forward to Sunday and our slow efforts of leaving Amed. We snorkeled again in the morning, lunched and showered and even did a detour through Kintamani. Crazy thing on the windy roads up there was the jeep in front of us missed a turn and drove straight into the rice paddy! Seth jumped out and helped the poor shaking Balinese kids out of their muddy car before we raced off for a quick dinner and then Seth to the airport.

Today things were much calmer… Ellie and I played with friends at the pool and hung out in downtown Sanur in the afternoon. We had dinner with friends tonight, which will probably be the plan for the rest of the week.

Ah, Bali…





We are staying at a friend of a friends treehouse for the weekend in Amed, Bali.

While Seth is diving the Liberty shipwreck for his birthday, Ellie and I are eating, playing and swimming with friends. Amed is lovely. Quiet, beautiful, and just perfectly lovely.




Anak Krakatau


We joined a tour and traveled via ferry to Sumatra late Friday night. The travel was long and exhausting and consisted of several boats and cars to finally get to our homestay on a remote island near the volcano Anak Krakatau.


We were on this boat more than on land throughout the weekend. We sat on top or napped inside between island travel.


Eliana snorkeled and got to see some amazing blue acrapora coral and star fish, sea cucumbers and a ton of beautiful tropical fish.


Bananas anyone?


Our homestay.


Nap, snorkel, nap, snorkel….


The base of Anak Krakatau. The vegetation was so strange and included pine trees!



20130429-092116.jpg About half way up…. it was like walking on coffee grounds.


The top! Or at least the highest point we were allowed to reach. You could see red rock from the eruption only two days earlier…


We made it! I think Ellie may have been the youngest kid to have hiked the volcano. She had a pretty big cheering squad towards the end.