Rice cooker

So purchasing a rice cooker upon our arrival in Bogor was a first for us. We had heard wonderful things about rice cookers, but really only knew about its ability to cook perfect rice.

Lo and behold its true magic. This baby not only can steam vegetables and reheat lasagna… But it bakes bread!!

I was eyeing some overripe bananas on the table this evening and got the urge to make bread with them. But how? I don’t have an oven. However I did remember once seeing a recipe for baking bread in a rice cooker. I did a little research and found this specific banana bread recipe and thought sure, what the hell, let’s give it a try.

My rice cooker isn’t as sophisticated as hers and I had to keep trying to reset it to keep it from switching to the warm setting. My cook time was also about half the time, only 45 minutes. I also produced half the bread?

Regardless, our experiment worked! And it is delicious!