A Love Letter to Portland

A friend recently shared this Love Letter to Portland published on Huffington Post. It made me smile, but also made my heart ache for home. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before… but I once thought I had exhausted Portland. I thought that living there for 20 years was quite enough, that I had seen all that it had to offer and was ready to move on.

When I read this Love Letter, I know exactly what streets the writer is referencing. I know the cafes, the dive bars, the balding Elvis with coke bottle lensed glasses; none of it is new to me.

What I think has changed in the past two years is my attitude towards the known and home. I still love the unknown and travel, the sense of exploration and surprise. But I crave the balance of returning home.

Portland is home.

5 more weeks.


Whatcha think?

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