Guava Goodness

In approximately four days we’re flying home to Oregon for a two week break filled with family, friends, Mexican food, microbrews, a functioning government, a separation of church and state, infrastructure, public transportation that works, recycling, libraries, clean parks, hummus, a 15 minute commute to anywhere… And a wedding!!!


And naturally, like every time I prepare for a long vacation, I drain our food supply to nothing so we don’t waste it.

We are surviving on vegetarian stir-frys at this point, so I finally gave in and asked my pembantu to pick up some fruit to snack on between stir-frys for the next couple of days. I came home to a papaya and a guava. I’ll show you what to do with a papaya next time… But right now I’d like to talk about the guava.

Guavas aren’t the most convenient fruit to eat and usually are just found in juices or as a flavoring. But Ellie loves them raw, so I cut it up for her. Like a lot of fruit, the guava has inedible skin and seeds in the middle. So I start by cutting it in half, scoop out the guts, and then fillet the flesh from the rind.

That sounded gross. Sorry. Here’s the how to in pretty pictures:






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