An Educator’s BFF

I might be really late to the game, but this whole using technology in the classroom thing is pretty amazing. I’ve tried several applications and websites throughout my BA and M.Ed programs; be it forums, wikis, or other social media platforms that were popular at the time. But I have to say Edmodo is by far my favorite site for the classroom. Minimal set up and maximum output is my kind of tool. And how do the students like it?

I asked my seniors if they’re familiar with Edmodo because I created a group for our class and I wanted them to join. Do they need me to hold their hand through the process? One student reassures me, “No Miss Jenny, it’s easy, it’s like Twitter.” “Yeah for homework” blurts out another student. And the class laughed.

I had already posted the assignment with links for research ideas and within minutes, all 20 students had joined my group and started researching their topics. No paper. No hassle. And on Friday, when the assignment is due, all my students will need to do is copy and paste their summaries and links to our group, letting me track progress and time stamp each post. Homework will include commenting on other’s posts.

I have another group for my ESL class that I plan to introduce today. I’m hoping to use this like a toolbox with supplementary assignments for the fast workers, like an additional angle to what we’re all working towards. And did I mention the file library, google drive connection, or quiz and polling features?! Love.




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