I love Bali, but would love it even more if I didn’t have 92482937 mosquito bites.

Here are some shots from our week.






3 thoughts on “Chillaxin’

  1. Hello, I am planning to go to Bali, by the end of July. And want to do a chilled out..laid back and hippie kinda trip. No shopping and fancy brands stuff. Just connecting with my self types. Any suggestions?

    • Hi there,
      I would recommend to eat at warungs and stay out of the big restaurants and tourist traps (no Kuta, Seminyak, or Nusa Dua). I enjoy Sanur because its familiar, but my favorite places to visit are in the bukit (Belangan Beach) and up north in Amed. You can find hippie stuff (yoga, meditation, art) in Ubud but its very commercial. So it depends if you want to pay for the hippie culture or actually immerse yourself with the Balinese culture here and find it (or you) yourself.

      Good luck! And enjoy your trip!

  2. Thank you soooo, much. Will keep that in mind. I don like commercial stuff so, your advice will help me heaps. Also maybe if you are there, would be lovely to drop in a ‘hello’ and know more about the place. (It’s up to you. Don’t want to come off as creepy)
    But thanks any ways….much love.

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