A Hippie Finale

As a finale to my two week stay in Bali, I treated myself. There were a few places that I have always wanted to visit and I figure there’s no better time than the present.

This morning I booked a tour at the Big Tree Farms bamboo chocolate factory (found a great write up about it on travelfish). We got to sample some of the chocolate as it was poured straight from the mixer into our hands and tour the impressive factory, which is the largest bamboo factory in the world. It’s beautiful! And the sea salt chocolate delicious!

And since we were in the area (kind of in between Denpasar and Ubud) we swung by The Green School, which is beyond words. It’s… like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It trumps outdoor school, Woodstock, Portland, San Francisco, or any hippie nirvana you could possibly think of. The pictures can’t do it justice, especially since so much of the heart of the campus is in and of itself interactive. It’s just kid and teacher heaven.

And then my cherry for the day was eating at Manik Organik in Sanur because what better way to end a day of sustainable structures and hippie tours than to eat roasted vegetables and ricotta cheese in unleavened wraps.

Today was magical. I’ll be back, Bali. And I’m going to find a way to stay.










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