I Heart Singapore

Oh. Singapore. You are the Germany/Las Vegas/Disneyland of SE Asia. At every turn I am impressed.

We started the day visiting a technological university that was a little too sterile for my students’ taste. After a Chinese lunch, we visited La Salle, an art university. The campus is outstanding and the buildings a work of art. It was fun to see how much the school inspired my students. They could see themselves there and got really excited about the programs offered. Hopefully this visit will motivate them to work harder in class and to start building their portfolios.

After the school tour we went to Orchards Road to do some shopping. That place is like Las Vegas on steroids! The streets look normal and upscale with stores like Gucci, Coach, and Prada, but there are thousands of stores under the street, and you travel through underpasses to cross. I got lost a few times, but each time I stumbled across an even cooler store (like UNIQLO) and splurged a bit.

Then after dinner (Chinese again) I rocked the bazaar Bugis. A little shopping and a pedi…

Tomorrow we’re going to a waterpark. I mean… Really. This is a pretty sweet job I’ve got. Enjoy the pictures!






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