Mother’s Day

Seth spoiled me for Mother’s Day (weekend). Eliana spent the night at a friend’s house and we spent an evening out in Jakarta. This may sound strange to spend the night away from my child on the eve of Mother’s Day, but it was actually precisely what we as a couple needed.

After checking into our hotel room, we started the night having dinner at Marche, then Seth bought me a stunning white dress at Mango (picture Greek goddess). We arrived at Dragonfly (the nightclub) around 11:00 and had a few (or four) glasses of wine. The club decor and people were incredibly beautiful, so the two hours of time killing flew by with all the eye candy.

Kaskade started around 1:00 am. By then we had claimed a nice space on raised dance floor, above a private party of Ukrainian models and their promoters/managers. They had countless bottles of liquor on their table and we had empty glasses. So naturally, we placed our glasses on their table. Lo and behold, a few minutes later, the glasses were magically filled, so we picked them back up as slyly as possible. Their reaction? A smile and a thumbs up. We repeated this 4 times with a total of 5 free drinks! Score! 

Drink Ninja

Drink Ninja

Kaskade played for almost three hours! This is quite a long set for a DJ, and we were thrilled with his choices, although a bit surprised with how much dubstep he included. Excellent show nonetheless. To get an idea of his music, here is our favorite song …


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