Kitten update

Say hello to the three amigos: Bear, Pig and Tiger. Not the most clever of names, but they seem to suit them just fine.


Bear was the first born, is male, black, strong, outgoing, and fat (he must nurse twice as much as the other two). He’s also the only kitten with a normal straight tail.


Tiger was the last born and is the only tabby of the litter. She was prized from the get go, but has not made much progress since birth. She tends to not leave the room, nurses very little and almost always has her head cocked to the side. What is that? I think she was born with some kind of disorder. To be honest I’m not that surprised.


Pig has a curly tail and is the second born. She is also black and quite the explorer.

I do feel guilty about the whole thing. We’re hoping we can get a free spay/neuter from a friend who works with med students at the university. But if not I think we’ll still have it done. Not sure what to do with the kittens. No one is interested in one, as Indonesians tend to not like cats and dogs in the house. And we can’t keep them cause that’s just too much damn cat.

And we sure as hell can’t give any to Seth’s coworkers who will eat them. No. Joke. Boy do we have a video/interview to share with you…


Whatcha think?

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