Hey there,

I tend to update this blog infrequently and on-the-go, which may seem a bit random. Most of the time I access the dashboard and upload photos directly from my iphone. This is part of the reason why the photos aren’t the highest of quality, but also keep in mind that the internet in Indonesia is incredibly slow, like 1997 slow, and I upload whatever it’ll let me in the small window of patience that I have.

Fortunately my friend Jen brought her fancy camera (and her excellent photography skills) to Thailand with us and shared some pictures with me today. If you’re interested, I’ll throw some up here. It may give you a new perspective of our trip. Even more, me out from behind the camera.

What’s next? You might ask. Well, we are in the middle of booking some more flights! We will be meeting some friends in Bali in June (and celebrating Seth’s birthday while we’re there), and then we will fly back to Portland for Lila’s wedding in August. We are beyond excited for these trips! Really, these trips are what keeps me chugging along on this journey. Enjoy.



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