Third world baking

I baked cookies… In my toaster oven! I found a simple oatmeal cake recipe via Soulemama and just had to give it a try. It was whipped together and baked in less than a half hour. I’m extremely pleased with the result and am so excited to have the ability (and really the courage) to bake again.

It’s really baffling how long it takes, as an expat living abroad, to make your home feel like home. Baking cookies is one of the many little steps I’ve had to take to normalize our every day life.

Now keep in mind baking here has required me to be extremely creative. I don’t have an oven, rolling pin, measuring cups or really any fancy cooking utensils at all. The “baking mix” that I bought has, what I think, a mix of baking power and baking soda. Obviously that’s not ideal, but has seemed to work so far. I measure my “wheat flour” with a mug and mix everything with a fork. There’s no rolling out the dough or using cookie cutters here… just good old fashion rolling the dough into a ball with my hands and flattening it out on the tiny tray for my toaster oven. Makes me question why I had all that fancy crap in the first place…

The end product is in my opinion a very healthy, hippie version of an oatmal cookie*. Thass right, bringing Portland to the Indo kitchen.



*T-rex approves this cookie.


One thought on “Third world baking

  1. Jen, Try these cookies, superrrrrr yummy! I know you can’t measure, but its a simple recipe, so hopefully you can guesstimate….
    1cup peanut butter
    1cup brown sugar
    1cup choc chips
    1t. vanilla
    mix and cook at 375 for 10-12 minutes…..mmmmmm!!!

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