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This post may seem a bit random, but think of it as my way of pretending you’ve come over to my house for a glass of wine. We’re having a great time and I suddenly remember how hilarious that video was of the goats who yell like people. What, you haven’t seen that video? Oh man, let me share it with you. Because sharing is caring and I miss you.

#1 Michelle Obama Dancing (Girl Crush Alert!)

# 2 Thrift Store Shopping Video (Hello, does this scream Portland, or what? NSFW or in otherwords, there is a ton of swearing, which I find hilarious, because I’m immature.)

#3 Beautiful Video on Bullying

#4 Goats Yelling Like Humans (Just TRY to not laugh.)

#5 Google Glass (Like a smart phone you wear as glasses. So crazy!)

Have any hilarious or inspiring videos? Share in the comments!


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