Yeah Yeah Yeahs

We heard the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were coming to Jakarta months ago, and bought tickets a few weeks ago. How could we resist? We’re huge fans, had never seen them before, and they were coming to us in Jakarta!

They played in Love Garage, an outdoor festival about “love and music in the fresh outdoors”, in the middle of Jakarta. You can imagine how fresh it was. Or let me paint a picture of an equal part Indonesian and Bule fanbase sweating their body weight and rocking out.

Karen Oh put on an amazing show. “Oh Oh. Oh Oh. Oh oh. Oh oh. Wuh oh.” Is forever stuck in my head. And I got the concert tee to prove it!

Between going out last weekend and the concert last night, I think that after six months of being here, we finally have an idea of what the Jakartan night life is like.

It’s… Sweaty. Hot. Crazy. And a lot of fun!

Check out the technology charging stations (last picture of chords strapped to a woman). Fascinating or appalling??





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