We lost our maid. Actually, we recently found out our original (old) maid died from high blood pressure about a week ago. My maid told me the news in private, although I had heard a day or so before… I told her I was sorry and then for some reason, maybe to reassure her or to lighten the air, I told her how much Ellie likes her. Love, even.

This was Thursday, a day before she quit/was fired.

On Friday Seth was unable to make it to Jakarta due to the extreme flooding in the city. He came home and found our maid with a friend in the house. This breaks one of our rules of having no friends in the house. A rule that protects both her and us from conflict. She had broken the rule a couple of times before and we had no choice but to say this was the end. She agreed, actually, and packed her stuff and left before Ellie came home.

This is the heartbreaker. Seth picked up Ellie from school and explained the situation. Ellie said she was sad. But I didn’t realize how much it had affected her until Ellie saw the maid on the street, outside our house. The maid panicked and left, leaving Ellie, standing there… Crying.

I was so surprised by the event that I had no idea what to do. The cause of the crying, or even why the maid was on our street didn’t make sense. It took a while to calm Ellie down and she’s still confused about why we cleaned the house today.

Ellie asked me if I was the new maid as I washed our clothes by hand. I joked that I was, but to be honest, it felt pretty good doing some basic chores around the house. It felt like my house, for the first time in who knows how long.

There’s something about having a maid while renting a house in another country. You not only feel like a guest in the country, but in your own house. Third world problem, right?

The thing is we don’t have a choice right now. We need after school care and help with a lot of things, such as shopping, which is a lot cheaper for an Indonesian than a Bule.

So we are on the hunt for the perfect maid. Willing to pay a nice sum for peace of mind. I think any of us would. And we could really use that here…



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