Sailing the Bali Sea

This story deserves a much longer blog post, but I’m short on time and preparing for the next adventure.

I just can’t skip over or not reflect on yesterday’s adventure. We left early to sail to the Gilis, only to experience a typical Indonesian tourist trap of our 7million boat ride to double in price. We played our best defense and walked away, and then got our way, naturally.

The vessel was a very old and a bit dodgy traditional Indonesian boat. But our voyage to the Gilis was easy, about an hour long from Senggigi. We arrived at Scallywags and booked scuba diving tours (Seth, Lintang, and Dad) and the rest of the day unfolded easy enough with beach, snorkeling, and drinks. When the heavens opened and started dumping water, we began to worry. It was only 3:00 and… Is that our boat driving away?!

Thankfully he stopped and began to bail water. Did I say thankfully? We persuaded him to brave the pouring rain and waves and take us back to Lombok the shortest route possible. It was cold and we were all soaked by the end of the 20 minute voyage, Ellie the only one with a smile on her face. I swear the kid feeds off others adrenaline, especially in high risk situations.

In all, an exciting day.

Today included some more sailing for Dad (around the harbor) and lihat lihat (looking) of properties around Lombok for us. The real gem was a listing we found in Gili Air. We shall return tomorrow to check it out!








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