Morning Bath

Woke up this morning and found Eliana in a bucket. Then another.

It’s already over 80 degrees at 8:00 am, so I don’t blame her for cooling off. Her imagination is on overdrive these days. Some stories are very sweet and some a bit of a surprise. She has an array of characters she tells stories about. Conflicts include the color of their skin (pink, brown or white), dancing Gangnam Style, riding ponies to school, bad guys, going to church (thanks, required religion class, for mucking this one up for us), and getting married and having a birthday every day.

My first reaction is always the western one. Oh, that bucket can’t be clean, out! But before I protest, I catch myself. She has adapted so well here. I can sleep in an extra hour on the weekends and wake up to a fed and very happy little girl playing outside (with our maid close by, of course).

This I must be thankful for. I am learning so much from this tiny being.








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