Island Hopping

We plan to do a bit of island hopping next month (with my dad!!), finally getting around to Lombok, and then to the Gilis.  Not to sound like a broken record, but we have wanted to visit the Gilis since we decided to go to Bali. They’re not that far, in fact a 1-2 hour boat ride can take you to any of the tiny islands. But the biggest obstacle we’ve faced is that it’s nearly impossible to get a hotel room there. So when you visit, you need to maximize your day and be sure to catch a boat back home before it gets dark. Boat prices were a bit steep in Bali, so we hesitated and in the end, stayed put.

Well, we’re determined to do this thing. We’ve bought our tickets to Lombok and being even closer to the Gilis (than Bali), we’re going to visit as many of the islands as possible. The major highlights of Lombok is the proximity to the Gilis, the scuba/snorkeling and the relaxed beat of the island.

Sounds like the perfect recipe for a New Years vacation.


Whatcha think?

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