Big week coming up!

We have got some exciting events coming up these next two weeks. So beyond excited to have Seth’s parents join us in Indonesia on Sunday. While I’m in Jakarta with my Debate Team; Seth, Ellie, Ed and Marlene will fly to Bali for a few days to explore and attend a friend’s wedding in Kintamani. The exciting part (for me at least) is that we will all be meeting in central Java, Yogyakarta. This is where the famous Buddhist temple ruins of Borobudur are! It’ll be a packed 36 hour weekend trip, but I’ve found that those can produce some amazing experiences. Pictures will flood the site soon.

In the meantime, I got a belated birthday gift today: a pie maker! Nom Nom Nom.



One thought on “Big week coming up!

  1. Wish we could accompany you or stowaway in your suitcases; but we are heading for Storm Sandy territory soon. Drink a toast to Yosi and Emma on the 11th.

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