Currently, I am.

feeling:: fragmented. I am the head of the School Newspaper, Debate Team, and part of the Opening Ceremony Committee, plus teaching five different subjects full-time. My prep time has now turned into zone out time. This may or may not bite me in the ass soon.

enjoying:: the relationships I’m creating at school. I have really connected with some of the teachers and students. The boys in grade 11 said I was pretty today, and although I agree with their friends that they were sucking up, it made me feel good.

eating:: cucumbers and ranch dressing. Seth makes my lunches and they are always so tasty.

listening to::Wild Ones” featuring Sia and Flo Rida. Don’t judge. It’s so good!

reading:: god is not great by Christopher Hitchens. This book seems incredibly timely in regards to the anti-Islam video discussed last week and the French cartoons published today. The violent protests have spread like wildfire, including Indonesia. I’m not going to lie, it’s very concerning. We have had to–on more than one occasion–explain to friends, students, pembantus, and colleagues that we do not agree with or support the offensive material.

looking forward to:: my and Ellie’s birthday. Only a couple more weeks! Oh, we have so much planning to do for her birthday party at school. She has brought home some extremely extravagant gifts like huge stuffed animals and embroidered bags from classmates. The tradition here is that the birthday girl gives gifts and receives them!

missing:: Portland’s beautiful autumn weather and fashion.

loving:: the endless possibilities of what will happen next. We don’t know and it’s kind of freaking us out exciting!


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