Adopting a Pet, Java Style

We don’t have a name for her yet, but we have a few in the running: Figaro (from the cat in Pinocchio, whom she resembles), Polly (because she loves to sit on your shoulder), Arelia (no idea where this is from, but Ellie mentioned it twice), and Java Kitty.

The estimated 4-week old kitten was found under a car on Seth’s way home from picking up Eliana. Litters of kittens are a common sight here as there are a ton of street cats that aren’t spayed or neutered. Some are sweet, most just want nothing to do with you. Rest assured, she was well bathed and dewormed. She’s drinking a cat milk replacement from a bottle and used the litter box the first night.

Luckily, we picked a sweet one. Name suggestions are welcomed!



Update: The newest name idea we’ve come up with is Banksy.
She’s got a little spray paint of white on her nose and she’s from the streets. Genius, right?!



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