Call to Prayer

This is a short video I took off the balcony of our new house Saturday night during the call to prayer (or Azan). You can see what the typical weather is like here in the afternoons; hot, overcast, and sometimes the clouds look so heavy and swollen, I want to prick them with a needle and let the rain fall already.

The mosque is a short walk from our house and the kampung down our street, so we often have large groups of people walking back and forth to pray. Ellie loves to wave hello and point out the beautiful dresses and skirts the girls wear. The evenings are the busiest because it means it’s time to break the fast, or celebrate the end of another day of fasting by eating a huge dinner with family and friends. Most evenings include fireworks, which pop across the sky. Ellie and I have been able to catch a few shows on the balcony already.

You can barely hear the call to prayer in my video, but for a clearer version, check out this video. When I heard it for the first time in Cyprus, I found it haunting and mesmerizing. But now I’m beginning to become familiar with and used to the call to prayer every day and night.


Check out the neighborhood in the video. Interesting architecture, huh?


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