First day of school



She cried a little when I left her class, but I knew she was fine within minutes. Teachers passing me in the hall reported on her play during recess (“she was running and screaming with her new friends”) and her friend Kira found her class and waved hello.

My classes went well. I started my first two with interview presentations (really to help me get to know the students). And tomorrow I’m looking forward to learning more about the IGCSE Exams and process. My EFL grade 10 students will be taking them, and I have next to no training. I’m hoping to get certified by the end of the semester, but of course, I need to run on the Indonesian rubber time and just go with the flow.


3 thoughts on “First day of school

    • The material and pattern are provided by the school. We brought it to a tailor and had two dresses made for her for about $15. Every student in the school is required to wear the batik fabric pattern. I think it’s cute too.

      Today Ellie had to wear her PE uniform, which is just a shirt and shorts with the school badge. She was pretty upset she couldn’t wear the dress…

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