“Back to School” Shopping and Food

I’d love to present you an eloquently written update regarding our life in Bogor. However, I’m exhausted from writing my lesson plans for the last 7 hours. It’s only 3:00pm, but I’m drenched in sweat (no A/C downstairs) and my jaw is killing me from clenching it under stress.

On the upside: I finally feel ready for tomorrow.

We did our “Back to School” shopping yesterday at the mall. It was about this same time that I realized we had forgotten to eat lunch and were all shutting down. We found a sushi restaurant and inhaled the amazing flavors we know so well. (Sorry, but we’ve already grown sick of the 4 meals you can get in this country, most of which are fried.) We’ve also realized that it’s pointless to cook an Indonesian meal at home when it’s a fraction of the price to have a much better version of it delivered. (Like the gado gado from Cafe Tropical = OMG amazing.)

Gado Gado – The only meal with actual vegetables!

The creature comforts of making mashed potatoes and mustard and salami sandwiches have saved the day on many occasions. It only took us two weeks to realize we needed that. It’s the little things at this point. Thankfully.


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