Class starts Monday

My classroom is a disaster. I’m trying to be cool about it, since everyone else is, but it’s difficult to look past the broken whiteboards, boxes of crap and dirty walls.

Like house hunting, I’m trying to look at the structure: Big class. Ton of windows. Great view. Ok, not bad…

I’m not prepared for my classes either. I mean, I have a syllabus, but lessons are far from ready. I know I can’t rush this though, so I’m hoping I can get in that head space some time this weekend.

On the flipside, or technically two floors beneath my class, is Eliana’s classroom. I got to meet her teachers today and learn a little about their program. I was a little caught off guard when they asked me what religion Ellie is, and I have to choose from: Muslim, Christian, Hindu, or Buddhist.


Can she be a little mixture of a few of them? I ask. Oh, the concerned and confused look I got wasn’t very approving. So I asked if they could list Ellie as Christian on paper, but let her sit in on all the religious lessons, and they said ok. Whew. This should be interesting!


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