I came to Indonesia under the impression that I’d be able to hop in a mini bus any where, or call a Blue Bird taxi if I needed to be picked up. But so far, we’ve learned that mini buses don’t come into the Lakeside community. When we called Blue Bird this afternoon, hoping to be picked up at the market, they said their inventory was empty. Stranded.

Fortunately a friend was able to take us home. But we’re not dependent people. This current set up is not working and the bicycles are nice to ride around, but won’t cut it for what we need.

So we’re now looking at scooters and cars. The idea of driving is intimidating, but we may need to muster up some courage and get behind the wheel here. Updates to come!

The typical motorbike here; driven by tweens, or packed with up to six people!


Whatcha think?

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