Third world problems

So there’s this Internet meme going around about First World Problems (FWP). It’s pretty funny… Like, it just cost me $90 to fill my Yukon Denali. Wah. FWP.

So today, my friends, I bring you Third World Problems (TWP). Ellie hardly slept last night in her room because it was 90 degrees, no AC, and the fan was missing a blade, thus was broken. We finally let her sleep in our room, but we all woke up for the call to prayer, around 5:00am. We get up at 6:00 to boil water for our instant coffee, only to find the propane tank has a leak.


On the bright side, we’re currently sitting in the living room, reading the Internet on our iPhones, with a happy kiddo frolicking through her very own bamboo forest.


4 thoughts on “Third world problems

  1. Fantastic stories. Please keep us informed. When can we FaceTime ? Maxine is a doll. She owns the sofa now. Love dad

  2. I just took the time to read through your blog. Wonderful, exciting and scary stories. Good for you three to take on this adventure. I don’t know of any one else that would handle the stress and excitement like you. Keep the stories coming! I loved catching up with you, or that’s what it felt like. I imagine you sitting here telling me about it as I read, and I’m laughing and smiling as if you were here!

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